Weight Management

Services available to help you lose weight. Contents

  1. Online help
  2. Face to face support

Do you need to lose weight? There are a number of online resources and local clinics that you can access without having to see your doctor for a referral.

Not sure if you need to lose weight then try out this weight calculating tool.

Online help

Advice for adults:

NHS Choices weight loss guide is an excellent guide with suggestions on a 12 week plan. It also has email support.

NHS Digital Weight Management Programme – a free online or app based 12 week programme for people aged 18 or over with hypertension and/or diabetes AND BMI over 30 (27.5 – adjusted appropriately for ethnicity). You have to be referred by a GP or healthcare professional to access this service.

Advice for children:

NHS Choices excellent guide on what to do if my child is overweight.

Face to face support

Support for adults:

  • We have Health & Wellbeing coaches that work within our surgery as well as a Dietician – please speak to your GP to find out more about whether they may be able to help.
  • There are also private services (that you would need to pay for) such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World who both provide popular classes locally.