Current eConsultation forms available

The aim of an eConsultation is to help you get things done without having to come into the surgery.

What is an eConsultation?

Think of it as an email but the topic of the email and the information you provide is guided by filling in one of the online forms.

All forms will be dealt with within 48 hours of sending, for urgent problems please call reception.

Cancel appointment

This form allows you to quickly cancel an appointment, you will need to rebook at a later date.

Get a sick / fit note

If you already have a sick/fit note and wish to extend the period of absence from work, then you can do this by completing an online form

Medication Query

The majority of queries about medications, prescription, pharmacies and more can be dealt with using this form.

Health problems

I would like to see a GP

Use this form to request an appointment with a GP